Nov 27

Morrissey to play at Nobel Peace Prize event

Morrissey is playing 3 songs in Oslo, Norway. Back in the band for this show is drummer Matt Walker. No word yet if there will be more shows to look forward to around the time of this event, but certainly a surprise for all of us.

Track listings for Morrissey’s new single have surfaced. A cover of Lou Reed’s Satellite of Love will feature live tracks on the b-side, as well as a track from 1992’s Your Arsenal “You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side”. Perhaps a re-issue in the near future?

Nov 13

Morrissey sighted at Sparks show at The Fonda

There is a mutual admiration between Russ and Ron Mael of Sparks and Morrissey, so it was no surprise to me that he’d be taking in their show at The Fonda Theatre. All of my experiences meeting Morrissey have been pleasant, so I don’t want to push my luck. (I can only screw things up at this point).

Well, Morrissey was there indeed along with Jesse Tobias and another friend and we quickly shook hands before he was whisked away by his friends. The whole exchange took about 4 seconds, but like every time I meet Morrissey, it was electric. I told him, “it’s not every day that I get to shake hands with a best-selling author”.

April Richardson got up the courage, took a deep breath and introduced herself to him just before the show began and she was, of course, ecstatic.

Sparks put on a delightful show with only Russ and Ron on stage, no back-up band, just piano and vocal. A great way for them to wrap up their North American tour in their hometown.

Nov 6

Great set by Johnny Marr

I caught the show at The Fonda Theatre last Saturday and along with everyone in the audience was very impressed with Johnny’s set. He’s really become quite the frontman and you’d think he was always center stage. Not surprisingly, people were most delighted to hear the sprinkling of Smiths classics, but that did not distract from the songs from Johnny Marr’s latest album, The Messenger. “New Town Velocity” seems to be the universal favorite from everyone I spoke to after the show. The extended encore also treated us to a cover of “I Fought the Law” which more resembled The Clash’s take on the Bobby Fuller original.

April Richardson, along with several others, waited behind the venue to greet Johnny Marr after the show and much to everyone’s delight, he cheerfully met every fan and signed any and every autograph with pleasure. A true professional.

Thanks to every listener who came up to me before or after the show to say hello, shake hands or take a picture. After a while, when you speak into a microphone on a radio station you begin to wonder if there’s anyone on the other side of it. It was nice to know that there is.