Sep 25

Never Had No One Ever

From The Queen is Dead album, not a song that gets requested a lot and is not usually the first song that comes to mind. I bring it up today because friend of the show and Moz Army matron Julie Hamill compiled a list of her top ten favorite cover versions. Ranking very highly on her list is Billy Bragg’s version of Never Had No One Ever. If you haven’t heard it, give it a listen sometime. Bragg’s take on this one is stunning.

I hope you’ll make plans to come see my Morrissey/The Smiths tribute band Sweet and Tender Hooligans this Fri. Sep 27 at New Wave Bar in Bellflower, or Sat. Sep. 28 at That 80s Bar in Montclair.

Sep 17


It looks like we’ll be seeing Morrissey’s autobiography sometime soon through Penguin Classics after all. Late last week, according to Morrissey’s website the book fell through due to “content dispute”. Since then, we’ve learned that the book will be published after all. So, that’s the sound of me scratching my head and doing my best James Dean.

Either way, we’re all looking forward to reading all about Morrissey’s life journey in his own words. So far, the sleeve looks great. They’re using the same uncredited photo that was used on the sleeve of Greatest Hits. 

Sep 3

Gustavo Mansur USA and Boz Boorer UK were at Morrissey 25 Live screenings

It was great meeting some of you guys this last week at the Morrissey 25 Live screening at the Laemmle in Pasadena and at my DJ gig at The Echo. Thanks to all the Breakfast Champions who made it out.

I’m told that Gus made it to the Pasadena screening at the iPic and Boz Boorer was on hand in London to watch it. Both guys greeted the fans and even took pictures.

The biggest star of all at the iPic in Pasadena, was of course 9-year-old Devan who wore the same outfit he’s seen in on the big screen. I hope we can get him in the studio sometime, now that he’s a big star.