May 21

Happy Birthday Morrissey

May 22, 1959 at Davyhulme Hospital: Steven Patrick Morrissey born. This week’s broadcast we pay tribute to the very reason we all tune in. Happy Birthday Morrissey. May you have many years of health, happiness and we hope you return soon to the stage so we can watch you sing your life.

Sweet and Tender Hooligans will be doing our annual Morrissey birthday party at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. Joining us on keyboards is Mikey Farrell who was a member of Morrissey’s band from 2004 to 2008. Very excited for this year. Mikey rehearsed a few songs with us that he performed live with Morrissey as well as a song that he co-wrote that was never performed live — “Sweetie-pie”

Doors open at 8pm and tickets will be available at the box office.

May 7

Morrissey sighting at Rolling Stones concert

Morrissey was seen taking in the Rolling Stones here in L.A. at their recent show at the Staples Center. He was decked out head to toe in denim at the venue he recently sold out himself.

Johnny Marr finished out his U.S. tour in Brooklyn and was joined by fellow ex-Smith Andy Rourke. They performed “How Soon is Now?” together with Johnny on vocals to a very delighted crowd.

Sweet and Tender Hooligans are doing our annual Morrissey birthday show at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. I am making an announcement on this week’s program about a very special guest who will be joining us that evening.

Tickets are available through Goldenvoice or you can save a few bucks by purchasing tickets at the box office, Amoeba Records in Hollywood and Origami Vinyl in Echo Park.