Mar 27

Morrissey sighting at football match

Morrissey was seen taking in a football match (what we call soccer here in ‘merica) with pal Robbie Keane in Dublin Ireland. Hey, wait a minute. Isn’t Johnny Marr doing a show in Dublin tonight? Yeah, I know, keep dreamin’.

This week’s quiz questions. Is this thing on….?

Question #1

In the song “Now My Heart is Full” the names “Dallow, Spicer, Pinky, Cubitt” are all characters from what?


Question #2

Who is credited with backing vocals for “Bigmouth Strikes Again”?


Question #3

Name the 2 songs that feature the term “Born-again atheist(s)”

Mar 19

Previously unheard Smiths rehearsal

30 years after the fact, a rare recording of a Smiths rehearsal has surfaced on the internet. In it, the band is rehearsing for a Troy Tate radio session and it includes early versions of “Hand in Glove”, “Reel Around the Fountain”, and “What Difference Does it Make?” The sound quality is a bit dodgy, but definitely worth a listen if, for no reason to catch a glimpse of what the band was like before they were even signed to a label.

By now, everyone is aware that Morrissey has had to cancel the remainder of his U.S. tour due to his ongoing health issues. It is not a decision he makes easily, but unfortunately, he states that the harsh reality is that the tour must end prematurely to avoid more re-scheduling and cancellations. Here’s hoping to see Morrissey back on stage to a town near you “In the Future, When All’s Well”.

Todays quiz questions:

See if you can be the first to post the answers.

Question #1

What location was used in the video for “November Spawned a Monster”? (I know DJ Furley and Vidal know the answer to this one).

Question #2

Who gave Morrissey the nickname “MOZ”?

Question #3

What do The Smiths have for breakfast?

Mar 12

On the streets I ran 2013

This week’s show features a lot of your requests, so I thank you all for picking out some good ones. Gonna play a great cover version by Tiger Army in the first hour as well.

Seeing as I’ll be running the 2013 Asics Los Angeles Marathon on Sunday, this week’s quiz questions are specific to running.

Question #1 Johnny Marr recently ran the New York City Marathon, what was his finish time?

Question #2 At what school was Morrissey on the track team?

Question #3 What Morrissey bandmate ran the LA Marathon with me in 2011 and 2012?



Mar 6

Morrissey triumphant in L.A.

Well, absence certainly made the heart grow fonder when Morrissey’s re-scheduled Staples Center show finally came to be last week. A packed house beneath scores of purple and gold banners (ahem, ahem) cheered on our MVP with a celebrity guest list worthy of our local basketball teams that call that arena home.

And just like that, the following night, a venue that was so small it was LITERALLY a high school auditorium felt like a return to a time when we were all 16, clumsy and shy. One girl I talked to, actually attended Hollywood High School years ago the very place she discovered Saturday night’s Big Man on Campus.

It was a pleasure meeting the Breakfast Champions both at the shows and at the after-party at Mal’s Bar. Thanks for coming out and thanks for making yourselves known. I will always take the time to shake hands or snap a picture with you. It’s the least I could do for your dedication to the radio show.

This week’s 3-quiz questions

Question #1

What was originally inscribed on the soldier’s helmet in the Andy Warhol print that eventually became the sleeve of Meat is Murder?

Question #2

In the song “You Have Killed Me” who is Morrissey referencing in the lyric “Visconti is me..”? (it’s not producer Tony Visconti).

Question #3

Who graces the sleeve of The Smiths single “Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Loved Me”?