Feb 27

Hollywood High School show!

Morrissey has been re-scheduling and adding shows to the current tour and the biggest surprise, so far is the addition of a show at Hollywood High School! Not surprisingly, that show sold out in 60 seconds. Las Vegas and other dates have been re-scheduled and looks like Morrissey is back and feeling well enough to return to the tour. Great news!

Don’t forget, I’m hosting and DJ-ing an after-party immediately following the Friday night Staples Center show at Mal’s Bar 2331 S. Hill St. just a mile or two from the venue.

Here are today’s 3 quiz questions. Thanks to those who have answered in the past, let’s see if we can get somebody new to give it a whirl.

Question #1

Morrissey’s favorite band growing up was the New York Dolls and he’s covered the songs “Trash” and “Subway Train” live in concert, but what New York Dolls song has Morrissey recorded and appears as a b-side on one of his solo singles?

Question #2

What Smiths single features Elvis Presley as the star of the cover of the sleeve?

Question #3

Speaking of Elvis Presley, which one of his movies shares the title of a Morrissey song?

Feb 19

TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Morrissey issued yet another statement regarding the postponement of shows earlier this week  and has announced a US TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live February 26. Morrissey says he’s had to undergo a lot of blood work here in Los Angeles and is eager to get back to the tour as soon as possible.

Immediately following the March 1st show at The Staples Center, I will be hosting and guest DJ-ing the unofficial after-party at Mal’s Bar 2331 S. Hill St. It’s about 2 miles from the venue and I’ll be on the turntables and keeping the party going. Come on up and say hello, because I always love the chance to meet you in person.

This week, I’ll be playing yet another new track called “Upstarts” from Johnny Marr’s upcoming solo CD. A great song and I’m really looking forward to seeing Johnny live here in the US very soon. Among the major cities, Johnny will be making his way to Southern California for Coachella.

3 quiz questions:

Question #1 The single sleeve for “Sunny” has Morrissey pictured in front of what establishment?

Question #2 On Johnny Marr and the Healers record Boomslang, who played drums?

Question #3 At the beginning of “The Queen is Dead”, what movie is the “Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty” sample taken from?


Feb 12

4 years old this week!

4 years ago this week, I took to the mic for the very first time as host of Breakfast with The Smiths: The World of Morrissey. When they asked me to do it, I thought, “great, this’ll be fun and they’ll probably pull the plug after 6 months. 4 years later, still here.

I owe a great bit of thanks to my friend and mentor Joe Escalante for putting the idea in their heads. Thanks go out to our fearless leader Tedd Roman for keeping Indie 1031 great and airing the show 3 times a week. And these people who have shown me kindness and generosity with their time at one time or another — Chuck P., Nick Handman, Jose Galvan, Penelope Wakeman, Stuart Akin, and Stephanie LeBow.

Last but not least, a big thanks to you Breakfast Champions for growing in numbers week after week, re-tweeting to your friends, “like”-ing the show on Indie’s Facebook page. Every little bit has helped to make this show a real blast to do for you each and every week.

I’ll keep at it as long as my keypass still lets me into the building. Much love to all of you and, of course, to Morrissey for his songs that I’ll never get tired of.


3 quiz questions:

Question #1 The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde sings backing vocals on what 2 Morrissey songs?

Question #2 Who is seen playing drums on the video for “You Have Killed Me”?

Question #3 The line from”Stretch Out and Wait” “will the world end in the nighttime? I really don’t know. Or will the world end in the daytime I really don’t know” is likely taken from what movie?


Post your answers here on the blog page and thanks for listening.

Feb 6

Las Vegas and Phoenix postponed



Morrissey is under doctors orders to rest his voice so he has unfortunately had to postpone his dates in Las Vegas and Phoenix. At the time of this post, fans are asked to hold on to their tickets as they will be honored when the show is re-scheduled. We know a little more now that Morrissey has posted on his website.

Better news is that the oft-underappreciated album “Kill Uncle” will be re-mastered and re-issued with some extra tracks coming soon. Also a re-issue of “The Last of the Famous International Playboys” with tracks rec0rded on the Janice Long radio show as b-sides.

Let’s all wish Morrissey a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him here in L.A. at The Staples Center March 1st.

3 quiz questions:

Question #1 Morrissey can be seen driving a convertible with Alain, Gary, Boz and Spencer in the video for what song?

Question #2 What vinyl single features the message “Escape from Valium” in the run-out groove?

Question #3 What is the only Morrissey song to feature the word “baseball” in the lyrics?