Dec 4

Johnny Marr sings “an old Mancunian folk song”

This week, I’m playing a recording from a session with Johnny Marr where he treats us to an oldie but a goodie that I think you’ll all appreciate. Looks like Mr. Marr has taken quite a shining to lending his pipes to the microphone and he sounds great. Give it a listen in the first half hour.

Requests to the show via Twitter have been overwhelming! You guys are really letting me know you’re out there. So much so, that I’m sorry to say that I may not get to all of your requests. It’s a good problem to have but I just hope no one takes it personally if I don’t get to yours. I’m trying to be as fair as I can while making sure the same songs don’t get played back-to-back weeks. With a vast catalog I’d like to have new songs each week.

****Who’d like a pair of tickets to see Sweet and Tender Hooligans TONIGHT at The Echo? It just so happens that I’ve hidden a pair of tickets in the San Fernando Valley at the 7Eleven on the corner of Moorpark and Fulton in Sherman Oaks. 13307 Moorpark Ave. Underneath the peanut m&m’s is a note with details to get you and a friend on the guest list.

Should be a great night. Doors open at 8pm, Flaamingos take the stage right away with their New Order tribute and then we start up with our Morrissey/The Smiths performance after 9.

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