Sep 18

Janice Whaley’s The Smiths Project

Most of you are already aware of Janice Whaley and The Smiths Project, so this is just to catch up those who aren’t up to speed. A couple of years ago Janice set out to record every song that The Smiths ever did using only her voice to make all the sounds. She did all of this in under a year’s time and had quite a bit of success with her box set that she had funded through Kickstarter.

Her Kickstarter project was rapidly funded and well received even getting the attention of Curt Smith of Tears for Fears and Simon Le Bon. Janice has since recorded an album of original material called Patchwork Life and has recently covered a Duran Duran song at the behest of Le Bon.

For a limited time, she’s offering a vinyl version of The Smiths Project available through Kickstarter and there will only about 200 copies made. Check out Janice Whaley on Kickstarter and fund a talented, determined artist who sings like a dream.

Sep 4

Smiths daily comic strip

Tales of The Smiths is a daily online comic strip out of Greece. Con Chrisoulis chronicles the story with incredible style and I could not be more impressed with the strip only a few days in. Do yourself a favor and seek out his comic.

I’ll tell you the link in the first hour of this week’s broadcast. It is absolutely brilliant and I would love to have Chrisoulis on the air with us anytime.

Enjoy the show, Breakfast Champions