Jul 31

Morrissey tour wrapped up

Morrissey has just ended his first half of 2012 shows with a date in his hometown of Manchester, followed by a final show in Edinburgh, Scotland. A very impressive feat for an unsigned artist to easily sell out a venue the size of Manchester Evening News Arena with no new album to promote. Clearly, he still has a fervent following who remain faithful and supportive.

I’m left to wonder if the band stopped by on their pass through Portugal and recorded any songs at Boz Boorer’s studio. Morrissey has already said that he’s all but given up on ever being signed by what he calls a “grown-up” label, but does that mean he’s ruled out the idea of self-producing? Either way, let’s hope we can get to hear some studio recordings of songs that he’s been performing on these latest batch of shows including “Action is My Middle Name”, “Scandinavia”, and the others.

Keep up the requests everybody. It’s always fun to have you on board helping me curate (which is a fancy of way of saying “pick out”) the songs.

–Jose M.

Jul 17

New listeners in Italy, Greece

This is a call to any of you attending the Morrissey shows in Italy, Turkey, Greece and Israel. Make sure you let everyone know about our weekly appointment here on Indie1031.com

We’ve already picked up quite a few new listeners in South America, Indonesia and other far-off places thanks to all you Breakfast Champions, so keep up the great work.

In other news, Johnny Marr joined Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson, and Alison Moyet at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in a great rendition of “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard this One Before”. How fortunate for those who got to be in the audience for that.

Jul 11

Very cool caricature

This GREAT caricature came to the radio station a few weeks ago. I would like to give the artist credit, so please get in touch with me Jose at Sweet and Tender Hooligans dot com.

I especially love Johnny’s guitar print pajamas. Poor Andy is still sleepy. Thank you very much for sending this.