Feb 29

Morrissey in South America

Morrissey’s 2012 tour is now underway in South America and it looks he’s being very well received. We were surprised with an announcement that the first show of the tour at the Vina Del Mar Festival in Chile was streamed and we were treated to a great performance with some very enthusiastic fans.

The set list seems to be right where the band left off at the end of last year, so nothing new. And not surprisingly, classics like Everyday is Like Sunday, There is a Light that Never Goes Out, and How Soon is Now? are met with thunderous crowd reaction.

The March 11th show in Sao Paolo, Brazil will also be streamed so this may be a good time to give a free plug (you’re welcome to contact our sales dept.) to a software I use for taping radio shows or internet streams. The Total Recorder from High Criteria allows you to record most audio/video from you computer. I’ve been using it for years and I recommend it.

Keep those emails coming at Jose@SweetandTenderHooligans.com and I’ll put you on the air to get your song request on personally. Or even just to say “hey”. Have a great day, Breakfast Champions.


Feb 21

Run-out groove messages

This is a topic that maybe some newbies are not yet familiar with. Particularly those of you who have only discovered The Smiths/Morrissey in the CD and digital era.

Since his days with The Smiths, Morrissey has always involved himself in virtually every facet of making the records including the sleeve and EVEN THE ACTUAL PRESSING OF THE VINYL! Watchful eyes can look at the run-out groove for a message left by Morrissey in most of The Smiths singles and even some of his solo singles.

For those of you youngsters asking “Grandpa Jose, what’s a run-out groove?” I included a picture of where you can find it…

It’s the part of the record where the music stops and moves the needle to the center to re-cue the arm. Here are some examples of run-out groove messages

Hand in Glove “Kiss My Shades”

This Charming Man “A Porky Prime Cut”

That Joke isn’t Funny Anymore “Our Souls Our Souls Our Souls”

HATFUL OF HOLLOW  “The Impotence of Ernest”

Interesting Drug “Escape from Valium”


Now, Morrissey was certainly not the first artist to insert a run-out groove message. Check your (or your parents’) vinyl collection and you’d be surprised at how many other bands/artists took part in this scavenger hunt.

I’m curious if anyone who has purchased the recently re-issued Rhino Records box set “Complete” in vinyl format if they also included the run-out groove messages. Please reply to this comment if you have the answer. (Let’s get some people who haven’t yet posted).

Enjoy this week’s show and don’t forget, I’d love to talk to some of you Breakfast Champions on the phone, so e-mail me with your phone number jose@SweetAndTenderHooligans.com and let me put you on the air.

Feb 14

3 is a magic number [click here to post a comment]

3 years ago this week, I was asked to host a 2-hour radio show dedicated to the music of Morrissey/The Smiths. I, of course, jumped at the chance and figured that it would probably go on for about 6 weeks or 6 months at most. I didn’t obsess too much about how long I’d keep it going, I just took it one week at a time. 3 years later, this is still pretty much the same approach only now it looks like we’ve managed to grow the show and get more new listeners every week.

It’s all thanks to you guys for telling your friends via Twitter, Facebook or paper airplanes about this dorky little radio show of mine. I also want to thank Stuart Akin, Stef LeBow, Romeogirl (she refuses to say her real name), and April Richardson for guiding me through the process in the early stages of getting my sea legs.

Last, but not least, I owe the greatest bit of thanks to Tedd Roman, Chuck P. and Nick Handman for letting me learn a new skill of radio host with very little restriction. I certainly knew I could play Morrissey/The Smiths records for 2 hours at a time on a weekly basis. I certainly knew I could talk on and on about how much I love the songs. But it’s been Tedd Roman especially who has challenged me to be the best radio host I can be, because I owe you Breakfast Champions a professional-sounding broadcast.

Let’s celebrate this 3 year anniversary this Sunday night Feb 19th at The Echo in Echo Park where I’ll be guest DJ-ing Morrissey/The Smiths night. It’s the night before President’s Day so that means no work/school the following day!

Thanks again Breakfast Champions. I’ll keep this going as long as you’ll let me.

Feb 7

Thank you Breakfast Champions!

Early in The Smiths’ career, Morrissey was averse to calling their loyal followers “fans”. He felt it was maybe a bit condescending and he opted for the more fitting “apostles” to refer to the growing legion. To this day, a lot of Morrissey’s listeners still prefer to go by that moniker. Now I personally, have never minded the word “fan”. It is, after all, short for “fanatic” which is what I consider myself to be. For heaven’s sake, I started a tribute band almost 20 years ago dedicated to Morrissey’s songs and even today, I listen to Morrissey ON THE DRIVE HOME from the studio after having just played 2 hours of Morrissey/The Smiths for a radio show I host. I think I can be fairly comfortable with the word fan, but that’s just me.

When it comes to this radio show, I tend to use the word “listener” because I feel it’s just definitive. It’s straight and to the point and I don’t think in any way condescends. I play the songs, I talk, you listen. That makes you a listener. For which, I am eternally grateful.

Now that got me to thinking what shall we call the extra special listeners of this radio show? I’m talking about those who have taken just that little step above to make the show great. Those of you who’ve been with the show since the beginning and come out to my live DJ appearances. Those of you who have turned others on to the show by tweeting your followers or your hitting up your friends on Facebook. One of you even started up a Facebook page (thanks again, Robert). Those of you who listen to the show twice or even 3 times a week!! I wanted to give out a special title for those of you who’ve burned some extra calories to make the show the success it’s been. You know who you are, and from now on, whenever I refer to you on the air I will calll you…….

Breakfast Champions. The Breakfast Champions are an elite group of listeners who’ve shouted from the rooftops, hung on to my rambling week in and week out, e-mailed the radio station at feedback@Indie1031.com and let the powers that be know that they like what they hear. That’s the kind of thing that has truly made our program one of the most if not, the most popular show on this awesome radio station.

To be a Breakfast Champion all you have to do is listen every week and tell your friends to tune in. Participate and request a song or a related artist. Re-tweet, tell your friends, make posters, send out smoke singnals, whatever! Maybe we can have our own way to distinguish who the Breakfast Champions are by wearing a star on your shirt at one of my DJ gigs or with Sweet and Tender Hooligans so I can look out at the crowd and know who my Champions are. (Okay, maybe that’s a bit overboard, ha ha ha ha!!)

Either way, listeners and Breakfast Champions. I’ll continue making this show about our love and respect for Morrissey and his songs. Now go forth and keep spreading the Mozpel.

Feb 1

What Difference Does it Make?

Welcome again, listeners. The show is doing great thanks to all of you guys out there spreading the word. Keep it up. I’ve been told we have more listeners than at this time last year, so that means we keep growing.

Opening this week’s set with “What Difference Does it Make?” The Smiths 3rd single. I was explaining to a friend in San Antonio who is new to the catalog and is just now discovering the magic of the record sleeves designed by Morrissey and Jo Slee. He recently purchased the box set (great choice) and said he could’ve sworn that the cover of “What Difference..” had Morrissey on it. The one he has features the actor Terence Stamp

Unfortunately, Stamp initially did not give approval for his image, so an alternate sleeve was made with Morrissey in a replica pose holding a glass of milk in place of Stamp’s ether-soaked gauze pad. As a result, both sleeves are a must for collectors.

Don’t forget if you’d like to post a reply (very much encouraged) click on the title of this post.Thanks for listening and for getting the word out.

Young Morrissey in similar pose

Original sleeve for What Difference Does it Make?