Jan 25

Introductory offer

So let’s say you had a friend who was unfamiliar with Morrissey or The Smiths. What album would you recommend to him or her to put them on the road? I’m going to limit this question to just the studio albums and none of the compilation albums.

Of course, The Queen is Dead is often cited as the quintessential Smiths album and I think that’s a good choice for the uninitiated. As far as Morrissey’s solo efforts go, it’s hard to go wrong with Your Arsenal. Particularly if I was going to show it to a friend wh is a rock fan. Your Arsenal is still a great rock record and holds up.

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Jan 22

Playlist 1/18 – 1/22

A lot of great requests this week. Thanks for sending them my way. Makes my job easier and I always seem to get great feedback when you guys steer the ship like you do. Requests via Twitter @JoseMaldonado always get top priority and don’t forget you can email me your phone number at Jose <at> Sweet and Tender Hooligans dot com and I’ll give you a call at home so we can put you on the air with your request or dedication.

Here’s what we played for you.

Shoplifters of the World, Unite (for Sarita and Juan Pedro in San Diego)

Nobody Loves Us

The Queen is Dead

All You Need is me


What Difference Does it Make? (Sue Snowden for all the UK listeners)

The Loop (for Jorge Merlos and Charina Michelle)

What She Said (Greg Messmore)

Hold on to Your Friends (for Johnny Malloy and his friends Pamela and Toni from Salisbury and Derby)


<<related artist>> Bryan Ferry “The Right Stuff” (with Johnny Marr)

Action is My Middle Name

Rusholme Ruffians (Lionel Lara and Pedro in San Diego)

Don’t Make Fun of Daddy’s Voice (no te burles de Papi)


I Want the One I Can’t Have

Half a Person (for Derrick Sanchez)

Roy’s Keen

Certain People I Know


Rubber Ring (for listener Vidal Reyes on the phone with us)

I’ve Changed My Plea to Guilty (for Joey in Louisville, Kentucky)

Pregnant for the Last Time (for Christine Gonzalez dedicated listener)

Asleep (for Nacho, been going to Hooligans shows since our Vertigo’s days)


<<related artist>> Elk City “I Know it’s Over” (from the Please, Please, Please tribute to The Smiths CD Laundromat Records)

Sister, I’m a Poet (for twitter handle Rvapatriot)

Dial-a-cliché (for Mikey Persico the pizza pie man from Downey)

Jan 18

How about I call you?

Thanks for tuning in everybody. Looks like word is really getting out and I it’s all because you guys have been getting the word out to all your friends. Let’s keep that up!

Requests, dedications and shout-outs are more than welcome and priority goes to repeat listeners on Twitter @JoseMaldonado and you can tweet me anytime. Or how about we try this?

How about I call you? E-mail me your phone number and I’ll talk to you on the air. Jose@SweetandTenderHooligans.com So if you have a request or a dedication we can put you on the air and maybe we can chat a bit.

My Morrissey/The Smiths tribute band will be doing a show at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach on February 11th. Hope you’ll come check us out


Jan 11

The Smiths Sitcoms

Welcome back friends. I want to thank you guys for clicking through our blog page to listen to the show. Very important that you do this ANYTIME you’re listening to the radio station.

I’m gonna try and have a different topic that we can all participate in each week to get a fun conversation started and as many people involved. My goal is to make this the funnest and most active blog page on Indie 1031

This week, our good friend Tom Lennon of Reno 911 tweeted a suggestion for a fun trending topic. Sitcoms with names of Smiths songs. Some great submissions and we had a good laugh.

Here are the ones I came up with:

Two and a Half a Person

I Want the Reno 911 I Can’t Have

Chico and This Charming Man

Laverne and Shirley Take a Bow

2 of these are actually Morrissey titles but worth submitting

Break Up The Addams Family

November Spawned The Munsters

And last but not least–

Last Night I Dreamt of Jeannie

Let’s get yours up on this blog and have some fun with it. I will gladly take your suggestions for topics of any kind that we can discuss here. Let’s make this a regular thing.